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Performance Anxiety, Pt. 10

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Mar 22, 2004

The people they kill get up and kill

Readers unfamiliar with Future Fuzzy should check out these strips. All will become clear.

I saw the new remake of Dawn of the Dead this weekend. It's not bad, though it's a very different sort of movie than the original. I mean, relatively speaking. It's more like the old Dawn of the Dead than, say, Citizen Kane, but in a zombie-like context, it's quite different. For one thing, all the zombies run now, which is very different from the awkward, staggering zombies of the old film. The old Dawn of the Dead, I mean. Not Citizen Kane. The zombies in Citizen Kane moved at a pretty good clip, too.

Enough people wrote in supporting a Mafia Ninja shirt that it would be pretty dumb for me not to offer one. I usually reply to all my mail, but there were too many mafia-ninja related emails for me to reply to all of them... hope you guys don't mind! Anyhow, I shall make this shirt my very first post-graduation project. Expect to see these suckers go on sale sometime around mid April.

Have you seen Spells and Whistles? There's still only a few comics in the archive, but I'm really enjoying it so far. And one of the characters is totally Mr. T, foo'.

There's also an article running over at Comixpedia today about webcomic groups. Me and my buds at Dayfree Press are represented by Neil and Tom, so if you were ever curious what our little group is about then this is a good read.

Sam Logan

Mar 19, 2004

My purpose is to interfere

Several people have been asking if I intend to make a Mafia Ninja shirt. It'd be a couple weeks before I could offer it, but it could still be done.

For the design, I'm picturing a black shirt with a white ink design on the front: one of the ninjas on the left and a Mafia Ninja logo on the right. Would this be something you would like? Give me an email and let me know. It's democracy in action!

Sam Logan

Mar 17, 2004

Stole my lunch money, made me cry

Instant Classic is back! For real this time! Brian has moved to a better server -- namely, the same one that Sam and Fuzzy is on -- so his site shouldn't be going down again any time soon.

If you are worried because ritual suicide was practiced by samurai and not ninjas, you are probably over-thinking today's strip. I wasn't going to say anything about that, but then, in my minds eye, I pictured an inbox filled with one hundred corrective emails. (And two hundred ads for penis enlargement pills.)

Sam Logan