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Brain Damage, Pt. 53

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May 1, 2019


We return on Friday with a new comic and, most likely, a new round of Q and A! As always, if you've got a question for me, just pop it in an email with "Q and A" in the subject line.

-Sam Logan

-Sam Logan

Apr 29, 2019


I'm making my way back from Calgary today. Thanks to everyone who came by the booth! I had a blast, as always.

Come back on Wendesday, and you will find our next comic! Or alternately, for a big solid black abyss. Who can say.

-Sam Logan

Apr 26, 2019

Calgary Expo this weekend!

Are you going to be at Calgary Expo this weekend? Me too! I will be at booth 645, hanging out with my pals from Weregeek and Cloudscape! I'll have a massive array of shirst and books in tow. I'll also have a bunch of original art and pin-up stuff, and will be doing lots of custom drawings, too. Come by and check it out!

Come back on Monday for our next comic!

-Sam Logan