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Cult Classic, Pt. 7

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Jan 27, 2020


And we're back, with a new comic! The correct comic, uploaded on the correct day and everything. WOO!

We return on Wednesday with the next episode of "Cult Classic". See you then!

-Sam Logan

Jan 24, 2020


It's true... I completely goofed on Wednesday, and accidentally uploaded today's comic by mistake! And I only realized and fixed it half a day later. Whoops!

Apologies to anyone who missed the correct comic for Wednesday. You can read it now here.

Meanwhile, I know a bunch of you probably wound up seeing both Wednesday's AND today's comics on Wednesday. But I did manage to put together this goofy bonus disclaimer comic so you'd still have some sort of comic surprise waiting for you today! (I didn't manage to get a Q and A done, too, but that will return next week, I promise.)

Come back on Monday for a new comic! Monday's comic! I promise.

-Sam Logan

Jan 22, 2020

EDIT: Ack! Sorry, team. I accidentally originally uploaded FRIDAY'S comic instead of today's! I've fixed it to display the correct comic. Sorry to everyone who accidentally saw Friday's comic early/out-of-order. Blah!!


I think today's comic is especially funny because it may well be the first time Malcolm has ever actually discussed playing the guitar. Ha!

And as a little bonus content for you today... I've been posting some "alternate universe Fuzzy" drawings on my Twitter and Instagram. All of these were posted a couple months ago on my Patreon, and each one is based on a suggestion from a Patreon backer! (I often take "reader request" suggestions on there for bonus drawings, both for normal pieces and Saucy Hippo/pin-up stuff.)

See the full sized versions of these (and others) on Twitter or Instagram!

That's a wrap for today, team! But come back on Friday for a new comic... and a new round of Q and A! Do YOU have a question you'd really like me to answer? Just pop it in an email with "Q and A" in the subject line, or drop me a line on the aforementioned Patreon, Twitter, or Instagram!

-Sam Logan