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Employability, Pt. 7

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May 3, 2004

E is for empire, R is for revenue

Welcome to May, friends. It's a good month to be a Sam and Fuzzy reader -- a month that that will see the strip's two year anniversary, as well as (finally) the arrival of the Ninja Mafia shirts.

Now that I am done classes, I have more time available to do art commissions. If you want something drawn, I am your man. Your man who draws things.

Sam Logan

Apr 30, 2004

Useless, twisting

It seems like there are a lot of happenings within the Dayfree gang these days. Instant Classic has lept into the triple digits with an entirely new storyline, art style and cast of characters. Brian assures me that Author and Kate will be back later, but in the meantime, this little venture into the world of film piracy looks damn intriguing.

Meanwhile, Neil G has returned to Robot Stories at last. There are three new strips up this week, plus a relaunch of the classic early "paper bag" comics. Check it out!

Incidently, Dayfree Press is looking for submissions from potential new members. If you have a comic and are intrested, you can apply here.

Sam Logan

Apr 28, 2004

I never jumped in and rescued you

Well, I got an A on my gargantuan paper, and people seem to like my Scary Go Round strip. All is right with the world.

I've been listening to the Barenaked Ladies' Stunt a lot lately. I think most BNL fans generally consider Stunt to be the band's weakest effort -- or worse yet, the "sell out" record -- but it will always be my favourite. There is an extremely compelling but ethereal quality to the sound of that entire album. I'm sure it has something to do with the high level of production, and it probably explains why it took so long for the band to sound comfortable playing any of it live.

Still, on its own it is a brilliant record, and it's a pleasure to listen to now that One Week isn't being played on the radio every six minutes.

Sam Logan