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May 14, 2004

Ball and biscuit

With regards to the prototype Ninja Mafia shirt design I posted on Wednesday: approximately half of you thought the van was awesome, while half of you thought the van was stupid.

I'd hate to leave anyone disappointed, so obviously the only solution is to have two different shirts -- one based off of the prototype, and a new van-free one featuring a lineup of four or five mafia ninjas in various poses. For two weeks or so, you will be able to buy either (or both) of these shirts.

After that time period is up, the more popular design will become a permanent addition to the shop, while the other design will be retired. But for a couple of weeks you'll be able to have your choice. Sound groovy? Groovy. I'll get cracking on the second design over the weekend, and hopefully, I'll be taking preorders by the middle of next week.

Sam Logan

May 12, 2004

Ninjas. I can't stand them. They're everywhere.

The reason that it is taking so long for me to get the Ninja Mafia shirt ready is that I'm having trouble designing it. But I think I may have a winner. Do you like the rough version below? Or would you prefer one without the van? If you think you would actually buy one or the other, email me and let me know your preference. Please be honest! If you don't think you'd buy either, I am OK with that. We're cool.

You know, I never conciously restrict myself to the standard four panel format -- only a consistent height and width for the overall comic. But I usually wind up with four panels anyhow because it's hard to fit a joke into three panels or legible artwork into five.

Sam Logan

PS: Nintendo sure knows how to keep me happy.

May 10, 2004

Ready to rock if you wanna roll, please step away from the vehicle

Over at Comixpedia (warning... this month's title graphic approaches being Not Safe For Work) this month is an interview with Dan Piraro. Piraro draws Bizarro, which is the basically the best thing you'll ever find in a newspaper.

Unless, you know, someone put some money in there. BLING BLING BLANG BLONG I dunno.

Sam Logan