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Whether Permitting, Pt. 20

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Nov 27, 2020

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A:  Scott Edition
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"Who's an obscure character I can pull out of my ass [to ask about]... uh... what's... Scott? been up to?" -Tekkactus

OK... I admit, I have no idea what Scott is up to now. But this joke question did remind me of a little detail I had completely forgotten about until now. So how about I share that?

Scott's primary role in the comic was way back in the Classic era, when he served as Fuzzy's ninja boss. But waaaaay later, when Fuzzy revives the Ninja Mafia's criminal enterprises in Sam and Fuzzy Under the Influence, Scott returned for a brief cameo as Fuzzy's subordinate. (I guess Fuzzy just couldn't resist bossing around his old boss.)

"Are Sam and Gertrude dating?" -Julie

Ha ha! I assume this is in response to the Patreon comic excerpt that I posted on twitter earlier this week? 

To answer your question, of course they aren't dating! Gert is just teaching Sam how to be a burlesque performer, for extremely normal reasons. It is strictly professional.

In seriousness, I'm writing an ongoing nsfw/adult comedy story about Gert and Sam for the Saucy Hippo Patreon tier. It's one of the two main longer stories I've been working on over there for the last little while. (The other one is about Dev's misadventures as a frustrated single lady.) They're canon, but they're stand-alone side stories. Not required reading! Just fun bonus stories for any grown-ups who would enjoy seeing my take on an adult sex comedy set in the S&F universe.

"Do you have a favorite background you like to draw?" -Alexander

I used to joke that my favourite thing to draw is caves interiors. But now, all these years later... I have drawn a lot of caves. So maybe they aren't my favourite anymore. Ha!

Generally speaking, I prefer drawing "organic" and imperfect backgrounds. Forests, caves, stuff built out of rough materials... things with rough/sketchy textures and imperfect lines that are fun to freehand ink. I am less enthused about drawing things like cityscapes, buildings, machinery... anything that requires a lot of hard edges and straight lines.

I'm definitely one of those artists that prefers drawing characters to drawing backgrounds. I hope it doesn't show too much in my comic, though, haha! I have a simple art style, but I try very hard to not skimp out backgrounds when they are needed, especially in more recent years. Which means, yes, I do have to draw a lot of buildings, even if I don't want to. OH WELL.

Nov 25, 2020

Holiday Ordering Deadlines

If you're looking to order some Sam and Fuzzy swag from Topatoco for Christmas, the holiday ordering deadline for orders to the USA is December 10th! Deadlines have to be a little earlier than usual this year to account for Covid precautions. (The deadline for International orders was Nov 23rd, but if you order now they'll do their best to get you your stuff as soon as they can!)

We have a lot of fun stuff in stock in the store... including our fancy Christmas Cards!

OK! We return on Friday with our next comic and a new round of Q and A! If you've got a question you'd like answered, just pop it in an email with "Q and A" in the subject line, or hit me up on twitter.

-Sam Logan

Nov 23, 2020

Private council

We got a new dog! She is an absolute sweetheart.

Come back on Wednesday for our next comic!

-Sam Logan