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Mandrake, Pt. 1 (Written by Kris Straub)

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Oct 25, 2021


Boo! It's spooky season. And to celebrate, I have something really different for you for this week... a scary story!

"Mandrake" was written by Kris Straub -- the man behind spooky stuff like Local58TV, Broodhollow, and Candle Cove -- while I handled the art duties. Kris and I originally collaborated on this story for the Bones of the Coast horror comics anthology. But this week, I'll be sharing it with you all here!

Come back on Wednesday for part 2 of 3!

-Sam Logan

Oct 22, 2021

Return of the Old Shirt Designs

Thus concludes "Self-Review," with a sullen demon biding his time. (Something he would prove to be very good at over the course of the series!) But come back next week for a special spooky story!

Meanwhile: over the years, I've accumulated a large, large number of t-shirt designs that are no longer in print. To fix this, I've put all these older designs in a TeePublic store! This store is home to all the shirt designs I've made that are no longer available in my main Topatoco shop. Which shirts have they got? THESE ONES:

These shirts are created with print-on-demand tech rather than screen printing.... but they sent me some sample shirts, and I'm quite pleased with the quality. They look great! POD tech sure has come a long way. And because it's POD, they can also offer the designs on a bunch of other stuff, like hoodies, totes and stickers.

Anyway, if you have a hankering to nab (or replace) one of my old designs, hit up my TeePublic shop and check it out. And of course, you can still find all my latest shirts -- as well as all my books and other merch -- in my Topatoco store!

-Sam Logan

They are created with a print-on-demand tech rather than screen printing, but I'm quite pleased with the quality. And because it's POD, they can also offer the designs on a bunch of other stuff.

Oct 20, 2021

A new day

And nothing was learned! (For now.)

Come back on Friday for our next comic. It's the final part of this flashback story! Then next week: something spooky. Eek!

-Sam Logan