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Top 24, Pt. 3

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Nov 26, 2021

New Shirts on sale for 35% off!

I'm trying something experimental with my TeePublic store! I've added 12(!) new designs... including all 9 of my fake TV show logos from the Keep Three story. (Yes, even Rat Nut.) You can get em all as t-shirts, as well as stickers and magnets and tote bags and other stuff. And for the next two days, they're all 35% off!

I've wanted to offer shirts of these show logos ever since I first drew them! But I usually manufacture my shirts via screenprinting, which requires printing the shirts in big quantities... which makes the idea of launching nine very weird designs kind of risky, haha! It also makes it risky to do hyper-seasonal stuff like Christmas shirts.

However, TeePublic utilizes direct-to-garment printing to manufacture items one at a time as they're ordered. That gives me the ability to offer items that might be very seasonal or very niche -- I'm looking at you, "Elbow Elbow Elbow" -- without having to do a big print run. So, I'm taking advantage of it here! DTG printing can also handle color gradients and shading, which let me make that Sven and Fluffy shirt.

Anyway, long story short... I've got 12 more designs that I can offer you all now!

that's all for today! Come back on Monday for our next comic.

-Sam Logan

Nov 24, 2021


Today's comic features an appearance from Sven and Fluffy -- the stars of my 2004 April Fools Joke -- alongside Rexford, Dev, Hart, and Baker. Come back on Friday to see who's next!

If you're looking to order any Sam and Fuzzy swag from my Topatoco store in time for Christmas, holiday ordering deadlines are approaching!

-NON-USA folks have until December 3rd to order via USPS First Class International.

-USA folks have until Dec 3rd with First Class, Dec 12th with Priority, or Dec 16th with Express or UPS 3 Day.

These deadlines are for everything in my store... including my books, which are currently on sale. Woo!


Nov 22, 2021

Trevor is here to help

"Top 24" is an unusual little project! I originally intended for it to be a simple collection of some of my favourite genre-bending S&F illustrations, but it ultimately morphed into a whole listicle-style comic... with a bunch of new gags and surprises alongside art you may or may not recognize. You'll see what I mean when part 2 arrives on Wednesday!

In other news... I'm happy to report that I'll be making my first convention appearance in ages at next week's Emerald City Comic Con! It's been a long time since I've felt comfortable doing one of these. But I've been waiting for the right show, at the right time and location, and especially with the right health and safety policies... and for me, this one is it. So I'm giving it a try! If you're going too, I hope to socially-distantly see you there.

-Sam Logan