SAM & FUZZY, by Sam Logan (updates M/W/F)

Bats On, Bats Off Pt. 16

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Feb 7, 2022


Batricia and Bathollemew are still pretty sore about all this.

Come back on Wednesday for our next comic!

-Sam Logan

Feb 4, 2022

Software Update

Yes, Fidgital's finger is somehow both a USB and a blowtorch. Unit 01's tech was really ahead of its time.

I've gotta say, I've really been enjoying working with this particular style of paneling and colouring! I like the look of these open white layouts, especially for this kind of story.

We return on Monday with a new comic! See you then, team.

-Sam Logan

Feb 2, 2022


Fidgital comes prepared.

Come back on Friday for our next comic!

-Sam Logan