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Sam and Baker, Pt. 23

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Jul 20, 2022

Sam and Fuzzy @ San Diego Comic Con 2022

As hard as it is to believe, I am actually really for real back in San Diego for Comic Con!

If you are attending the show, you can find me at the Topoatoco Booth (#1229) with Alina Pete and Kel MacDonald. There's a wide array of S&F swag at the booth this year, and I'll be doing drawings and signings during the show!

I forgot to make a nice map graphic before I left home, but fortunately, we are in exactly the same spot as the last show in 2019! So here, enjoy this blast from the past:

Come back on Friday for our next comic!

-Sam Logan

Jul 18, 2022

Busy busy

It's been a crazy few days, team, as I've been busy getting ready to head to San Diego! But fortunately, I got these dang comics done in advance. So enjoy, and come back on Wednesday for the next one!

-Sam Logan

Jul 15, 2022

Bark bark bark

Been running around like crazy today, so I'll keep this post short and sweet. But come back on Monday for our next comic!

-Sam Logan