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Oct 29, 2004

Rock is Sponge

I have some amusing Sam and Fuzzy-related links for you today! First, we have Welton Colbert's... er... unusual review of my comic, care of cartooning super-villain Ryan Estrada. Now that's a review style I can get behind! And secondly, we have a special halloween-themed My Generic Webcomic, featuring costumes of a couple characters you're probably familiar with. Slick!

The next two weeks are a big deal for the Sam and Fuzzy shop. In addition to the arrival of the I'm Communism and I'm Capitalism designs, I'm bringing back babydolls and hoodies for all of the other designs. As usual, all these goodies can only be available for the usual two weeks, but hopefully that will give everyone enough time to grab what they want for themselves or for any X-mas related purposes.

Sam Logan

Oct 27, 2004

Don't sign that paper tonight she said

Next Monday is the first of November, and as the shop page has promised for ages, the I'm Communism shirt will go back on sale. You can also expect an I'm Capitalism design, since I've been recieving emails asking for one ever since last Friday's strip. I'm still putting the finishing touches on the design, so it's too top secret to show you just yet. I can only tell you that it may or may not contain a large cowboy hat, fistful of cash and broken beer bottle.

As usual, both designs will be available individually or in a discounted two pack. Anticipate!

I've been meaning to link to Jeff Rowland's new webcomic Overcompensating for days now, but I kept forgetting to do it. This is probably because I was so busy. So busy laughing. Laughing at Overcompensating. Especially the strip at the bottom of this page. Comic GOLD.

Sam Logan

Oct 25, 2004

You think Rockford Files is cool

I can totally relate to what Fuzzy is saying in today's strip. It is hard to get into a creative place when you don't have huge stacks of cash. For example, to get "in the mood" to draw comics, I usually munch down a few cans of caviar, have a quick soak in my gin-filled hot tub, maybe place a few bets on a few horses... you know how it is.

I have finished writing the text descriptions for the first half of the comics on my links page. Take a look and find out why it is taking me so long to do this. I went particularly into depth for the print comics write-ups. After all, those comics require a little more effort to read then simply clicking a few links. I figured people might need extra encouragement to check them out. Anyhow, that's one column of link descriptions down and one column to go...

Sam Logan