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Nov 3, 2004

Did you hear the one about Edward III's new bride?

I mean, I knew Eddie said he "wanted kids," but this is ridiculous!


Holy smokes! Boy on a Stick and Slither is updating three-times-a-week for all of November! That means an extra new comic every Wednesday, team. Seriously awesome!

So, how about this televised election coverage, eh? As I am writing this rant (Tuesday evening), every one of the "swing states" is still "too close to call." In other words, there really isn't anything to talk about yet. But the coverage has still been going on for hours! It must be difficult to fill so much air-time with so little actual information, but I suppose these CNN and Fox News guys have a lot of practice at that.

I wonder how late I would stay up, hoping to find out who has won, before giving up and going to sleep? I suppose I'm about to find out. See you all on Friday!

Sam Logan

Nov 1, 2004

When I was younger, so much younger than today

I hope you all had a good halloween! I didn't make a Sam and Fuzzy-themed pumpkin this year -- you can see the one I made last year here -- but it's just as well. Reader David Miles carved a Skull Panda pumpkin that is about a million times better than I ever could have done. It's a thing of beauty! Check out the photos.

Skull Panda Pumpkin in the dark.

Skull Panda Pumpkin in the light.

The gigantic new shop is finished, and not a moment too soon! It took ages to code. I've been gazing deep into my monitor for so long that my eyes feel like they'd like to fall right out of my head. Anyhow, there's a wide variety of designs and styles available now, so if you're interested in that sort of thing, go ahead and check it out.

Sam Logan

Oct 29, 2004

Rock is Sponge

I have some amusing Sam and Fuzzy-related links for you today! First, we have Welton Colbert's... er... unusual review of my comic, care of cartooning super-villain Ryan Estrada. Now that's a review style I can get behind! And secondly, we have a special halloween-themed My Generic Webcomic, featuring costumes of a couple characters you're probably familiar with. Slick!

The next two weeks are a big deal for the Sam and Fuzzy shop. In addition to the arrival of the I'm Communism and I'm Capitalism designs, I'm bringing back babydolls and hoodies for all of the other designs. As usual, all these goodies can only be available for the usual two weeks, but hopefully that will give everyone enough time to grab what they want for themselves or for any X-mas related purposes.

Sam Logan