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Dated, Pt. 3

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Feb 4, 2005

Come back, baby, fight off the lethargy

Wow! I couldn't help but notice the spike in Capitalism shirt sales after I posted those photos on Wednesday. You... you do realize that there are photos of all the other designs in the shop, right? Maybe you should go look at them. Apparently they have subliminal powers of suggestive consumerism. And I am OK with that.

There are a lot of good webcomics out there, really. Take Blank Water Comics, for example: a strip with tons of charm and style to spare. There is just something really neat about the mood it evokes, though I can't quite put my finger on what it is. And then there is this man, who is drawing 100 comic pages in 100 hours to raise money for the Tsunami relief effort. He'll be lucky if he still remembers his own name by hour 99, but it's still a nice thing to do.

A few folks have been interested in this kind of thing when I have posted it in the past, so here it is again... my latest mix CD. As usual, I wasted many hours analysing relative keys, styles, tempos and dynamics, and many more thereafter rigourously play-testing and re-adjusting. But I am now confident that there is no better possible way to organize these songs. Or possibly, to organize any series of songs at all. Ever.

Maybe I have a small problem.

Sam Logan

Feb 2, 2005

Black emptiness, black, black emptiness

Today's comic was brought to you by the bucket tool: friend of the cartoonist, enemy of the ink salesman.

Thanks to the generosity of viewers like you, PBS is able to provide quality original programming. And also, now I have photos of the I'm Capitalism t-shirts in action. Well, as active as shirts can get, anyhow.

I am glad that there are still folks out there buying these t-shirts since -- as some of you have already heard -- I am making the big finance-crushing trip down to San Diego this summer for Comic Con. I'm sharing a big corner booth with a bunch of the other guys from Dayfree Press. You'll hear more about this when we're a little closer to the summer, but me, I've got to be thinking about this stuff right now. You've gotta plan meticulously when you are an obsessive meticulous planner.

And speaking of obsessive... remember Thom May, the man responsible for this stellar Sam and Fuzzy guest strip? Well, Thom has dipped into the archives of his own comic, Pihakwa, and retooled the whole shebang. It's better than ever, and that's saying a lot. Truly, a feast for the eyes and brain. Go have a look!

Sam Logan

Jan 31, 2005

Lust will only get us so far now

Are you ready? Are you ready for a storyline that will take everything you know about dating humour and turn it completely upside down? Are you ready to read some comics that is going to completely revolutionize relationship comics? In fact, not just relationship comics, but all comics... and quite possibly all forms of artistic communication as we know it? Ready? You aren't ready! And neither was I, so please enjoy this other storyline instead.

The Communism and Capitalism shirts are once again available in the shop, as are hoodies, babydolls and long-sleeved ts in the other three designs. Speaking of which, if anyone is looking for their five minutes of internet fame, I could really use some new sample photos of fans in their Sam and Fuzzy gear -- particularly in the I'm Capitalism design. If you are my man or woman, please email me with your amateur photography.

(No Hardcore Hidalgo XXX, please.)

Sam Logan