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Feb 18, 2005

It's thinking

Here is the latest in the long line of nifty things Claire has made for me: a terrycloth/fleece Dreamcast Pillow! The DC was my baby... the only game console I ever developed any kind of emotional attachment towards. It's unjustified failure has left me bitter and jaded. Who cares what system I own anymore, it's all just spinning discs and a buttons to me now. Anyhow, click the image to see just how cute this pillow is. Awwwww!

Speaking of Sega consoles, I am still in the market for a used Sega Saturn. I do think it needs to be a North American system to play North American games -- otherwise, I would be accepting the incredibly generous offer made by one of my Scottish readers. (You know who you are!) But it doesn't need to be a free system. Ideally, I am looking for a Canadian seller, so that I can keep shipping prices low and avoid possible customs fees. I know you can avoid customs sometimes by labelling things as gifts, but those dudes are wiley and I'd rather not risk it.

Sam Logan

Feb 16, 2005

You are experiencing a car accident

When Sam and Fuzzy update number 400 rolled around a couple of weeks ago, a few emailed to ask why I didn't even mention it. Am I that modest? You wish! I didn't say anything only because, due to guest strips and so on, update number 400 was not comic number 400. So, celebrating the 400th update would have been empty and artificial, much like celebrating the dawn of the new millennium in 2000 instead of 2001. Update number 425 is the one to remember, though I don't have much planned other than raising my hands into the air and cackling maniacally.

I saw that I, Robot film the other day. As I recall, people were awfully hard on it when it was in theaters, but I really liked it. Even if it bore little resemblance to the original book, it had very likeable characters and a pretty compelling mystery storyline that managed to avoid the usual robots-become-intelligent-and-turn-against-their-makers cliches (See: the Animatrix). Normally I hate blending CG characters and live action, but it was reasonably seamless here... either because the CG characters were meant to be mechanical or because I was watching on a very small television. And face it, if they really could make household robots, they would probably make them look like creepy humanoid I-macs. I hope I'm not the only person who thought this was a good film, because if I am... everyone is wrong but me.

Sam Logan

Feb 14, 2005

Hearts and flowers

Valentines Day! Be it based in sincerity or capitalistic greed, I have a hard time taking any holiday seriously when I still have to go to work. But I will put my cynicism and laziness aside to draw a picture of the wonderful Claire -- who I am very lucky to have in my life -- piloting a killer cat robot. She'll have to wait until I am a little wealthier before she can crush us all in a real one.

You might recall a time not too long ago when I mentioned a fellow who was planning to draw a 100-page comic in 100-hundred hours to help raise funds for the tsunami relief effort. Well, the comic is completed now, and viewable to anyone who'd like to donate to UNICEF. Head here if you are interested.

I've put it off for long enough... the time has come for me to purchase a Sega Saturn. You just can't be a self-respecting Sega fanboy without one, and since the company appears content to publish mostly garbage these days, I might as well try to relive their glory days. Um, not that there was much glory surrounding the Saturn... but there were a few really good games that I want to play through. I've got my copy of Nights but not a Saturn itself -- I've been monitoring ebay for one, but I need a seller in Canada to avoid customs duties, and such sellers are a little sparse. Canadians, if there is somewhere else I should be looking, please let me know.

Sam Logan