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Feb 25, 2005


Man, sewing is tricky business. Please leave it to the professionals. Just remember, it's the hospital for the limb and the tailor for the sleeve.

People who ordered shirts during the Communism/Capitalism preorder campaign are already starting to recieve them. Those who have not can expect them to arrive within the two weeks. If you would like to share your branded body with the world, you are more than welcome to post photos of you in your Sam and Fuzzy gear in the forum.

Yesterday, I went along with one of the YES Mag editors to sit on a panel hosted by the professional writing department at the University of Victoria. It was science-fictiony. Ten months ago I would have been in the audience! I was very lucky to land this job at YES Mag, even if it can be a little challenging at times. Man, you try to find a way to come up with interesting visuals for an article about the periodic table. I am a designer, not a miracle worker!

Sam Logan

Feb 23, 2005

Our powers combined

Telltale Games has acquired the rights to make a videogame based on the Bone comic book. To those of you who aren't instantly overcome with glee upon hearing that statement, let me explain why you should be. Telltale Games is a company started by former Lucasarts employees who were working on the sequel to Sam and Max Hit the Road before it was tragically cancelled in a rash of corporate turnover and general stupidity. Bone is one of the best comics ever made: a skillful mix of humour, artistry and epic storytelling. The classic adventure-game format (ala Monkey Island or Day of the Tentacle) is a perfect fit for Bone, and the Telltale guys are masters of the craft. Here's hoping the final product can live up to the potential!

Not much else to report tonight. Until next time, keep it real. TO THE EXTREME!

Sam Logan

Feb 21, 2005

Coming Soon

Man, I am totally serious about this. Today's comic was originally intended as a joke, but now I realize these changes are too awesome to ignore. I mean look, Sam is... I guess some kind of robot. And they are in space or something! TO THE MAX!

Maybe you have heard about this new upcoming show that features darker, edgier versions of the Looney Tunes. (You can download the promotional trailer here.) Now, creating an action show that features superheroes who vaguely resemble the classic WB characters is certainly a... puzzling move. But no, it's the way this show is being presented to us that is really getting people so riled up. WB execs are talking about the characters from this spinoff as though they were permanent replacements for the classic ones.

It's a blatant lie, of course -- one that they are willing to play up to generate controversy and get some free publicity for the show. You can't fault the strategy: the "Loonatics" are all over the news, even on television. But these guys are no more replacements for the Looney Tunes than the Muppet Babies were replacements for the puppets. Still, even if it is just a marketing scheme, when you're reading quotes from some idiot WB exec claiming that the original characters are too old and too dated to use anymore, it's hard not to get a little worked up.

I remember reading once (somewhere) that occasionally, a news story comes along that results in hundreds of editorial cartoonists coincidentally drawing the same comic. For example, when Bob Hope died, countless artists paired the phrase "Bob Hope: 1903-2003" with a drawing of a lone microphone on an empty stage. Well, over the next few days I predict you will see a lot of "extreme" versions of the comics you read. It's just too hard for us to resist.

Sam Logan