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Mar 7, 2005

Number one song after number one song

My guest strip for the aforementioned Niego is up! You can check it out by clicking the enticing image below.

In other webcomic news, Brian Carroll returns today with a new chapter of Instant Classic: Brothers Donathan. It's a direct sequel to the original Prologue storyline, which I know a lot of you thoroughly enjoyed. Me, I am just excited to see Author and Cactus back in action. (And maybe some of the others, too!)

In closing, I leave you with Ben Folds covering Dr. Dre. If you are having trouble playing the streaming ASX file, some people are hosting mp3s further down in the thread. I wonder what Dre would think of this.

Sam Logan

Mar 4, 2005

Remember whatever, it seems like forever ago

I really think you need to be reading Niego. In only a short amount of time, it has grown into one of the funnier and better looking comics on the internetwebs. Plus, since the archives are still relatively small, there's plenty of time to read through the whole thing in preparation for my guest strip, which will be running early next week. But you don't need an excuse. You just need a sense of humour and a little spare time!

Thank you all for your sympathy regarding my misadventures in car shopping. I was a very-tiny-hand-gesture close to giving up on the whole escapade and cruising around in a cardboard box, Sam and Fuzzy style.

I guess what I am saying is that I was feeling... not so extreme. Extreme like a horse. A horse named... X-HIDALGO SPACEFORCE G!

Sam Logan

Mar 2, 2005

Dreams, dreams

There is a comic that is not misleadingly titled Nothing Nice to Say. But as the old cliche goes, if you can't say something nice, then say it in a way that is really funny and involves drawings and the internet. Besides, reading Mitch Clem's comic will provide you with a useful counterbalance to the extreme optimism and pleasantness that just oozes from every Sam and Fuzzy strip.

Thanks to viewers like you, I now own my very own Sega Saturn. I'm currently knee-deep in NiGHTS, a game that really is as special as everyone says it is. Despite my growing frustration with Sonic Team's seemingly unending string of ports and remakes, I actually would like to see this game re-released on a modern console... if only so more folks could get a chance to play it! But we'll probably be playing Puyo Puyo Fever again on the Playstation 412 before that ever happens.

Sam Logan