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Mar 16, 2005


You might have been wondering where the Sam and Fuzzy website has been for the last 27 hours or so. Well, yesterday afternoon our server unceremoniously stopped working. But thanks to my bud Ashton, the hardest working man in webcomic hosting, we've finally got everything running smoothly again.

Unfortunately, this whole ordeal meant that today's comic went up about 12 hours later than usual, which bugs me more than it probably should. As some of you already know, I'm kind of a stickler about missing updates, which is why I work so hard to keep up a sizeable buffer of comics at all times. It was immensely frustrating to be sitting at my computer last night with finished comic all ready to go and no website to put it on. But, better late than never!

Things should be back to business as usual now. Tune in on Friday for another new Sam and Fuzzy, as well as a guest comic I did for Nothing Nice to Say. Cheers!

Sam Logan

Mar 14, 2005

You have loads of songs, so many songs

Man, today's comic is terrible. It's a total rip-off of little-known 1960s cartoonist Floyd Anderson, whom I discovered during my years working at a quaint used book store in southern Oregon. I guess the "fuzzy" in "Sam and Fuzzy" refers to how fuzzy Sam Logan's vision was when he drew this, because if he thought anyone would laugh at today's comic, he must have been drunk out of his mind.

edit: Guys, I was only kidding! I don't actually think today's comic is terrible. I'm glad you didn't either, but you don't need to email to convince me. :)

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of listening to a rough mix of the upcoming Reel Big Fish album, "We're Not Happy 'Til You're Happy." I'm really excited because -- with the exception of three really dull songs in the album's second half -- this disc is the Fish at their very best. They even delve into a more traditional ska and two-tone sound on a couple of tracks: a choice that is only slightly less surprising than how incredibly well they pull it off. But the highlight is definitely the cover of the incredibly appropriate Morrissey song "We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful," which has be retrofitted slightly to echo the band's own experiences. Gwen will probably be pissed.

Sam Logan

Mar 11, 2005

One pair of matching bookends

If you are new and confused, today's comic picks up where this one left off. For the record, I, unlike Jackson, have no doubt that working robotic artificial hands and limbs would unequivocally be a good thing. But then, I don't feel the need to prance around in a suit and ski mask, either. Clearly we are from two different worlds.

And that's really all I have to say for now. I'm not in the habit of using this site as a whiney personal blog, so let's just leave it at saying that I hope next week will be less stupid than this one was. It won't be very hard. Let's do it together, team!

Sam Logan