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Mar 21, 2005

400 and counting

Yes, today's Sam and Fuzzy comic is the 400th I have drawn for this website! Nothing hugely amazing is going on in the comic proper to line up with the milestone, so I thought I'd mark the occassion with a little self-indulgent behind-the-scenes stuff instead.

This, as far as I can tell, is the very first Sam and Fuzzy comic I ever drew. As a kid, whenever I went on vacation I kept a little journal of autobiographical cartoons. At some point, my teddy bear Fuzzy showed up as a character, and the duo was born. It's hard to tell which cartoon came first -- after inventing the Fuzzy character, I went back and worked him into all the older cartoons as well -- but I think it was probably this one.

A few years later, I decided I liked the Sam and Fuzzy characters enough to ditch the autobiographical format and spin them off into their own comic. All I lifted was the character designs: everything else was a blank slate. I worked through a lot of different concepts over the years. At one point Sam was a highschool student; at another he was a detective. Sometimes Fuzzy's existence was a big secret; other times he just wandered around freely like he does now. But eventually, the characters' appearances and personalities evolved to roughly resemble their current incarnations. This comic was the beginning, though it would be another few years before I began work on the version of Sam and Fuzzy that is chronicled on this website.

So there you go! You know, just in case you were wondering.

I've updated the gallery to include a new wallpaper section. There's nothing new in there, but if you were after either the 300th Strip or Skull Panda wallpapers I made before, you can find them in there!

Sam Logan

Mar 18, 2005

Hobo suit

Today: a double-dose of original comic goodness. (Triple if you missed Wednesday's strip due to server misbehaviour!) In addition to your regularly scheduled Sam and Fuzzy, please enjoy this ridiculous guest comic that I drew for Nothing Nice to Say:

It is hard work trying to fill Mitch Clem's viciously funny shoes, but I did my best.

By my count, Monday's update will feature the 400th actual Sam and Fuzzy comic that wasn't drawn either by a guest artist or by me 8 million years ago. I don't have anything terribly exciting planned, but I'll try to do something nice. See you then!

Sam Logan

Mar 16, 2005


You might have been wondering where the Sam and Fuzzy website has been for the last 27 hours or so. Well, yesterday afternoon our server unceremoniously stopped working. But thanks to my bud Ashton, the hardest working man in webcomic hosting, we've finally got everything running smoothly again.

Unfortunately, this whole ordeal meant that today's comic went up about 12 hours later than usual, which bugs me more than it probably should. As some of you already know, I'm kind of a stickler about missing updates, which is why I work so hard to keep up a sizeable buffer of comics at all times. It was immensely frustrating to be sitting at my computer last night with finished comic all ready to go and no website to put it on. But, better late than never!

Things should be back to business as usual now. Tune in on Friday for another new Sam and Fuzzy, as well as a guest comic I did for Nothing Nice to Say. Cheers!

Sam Logan