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May 4, 2005

Screamin' 'bout your drugs, money, violence and fellatios

I forgot to mention how much I enjoyed the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy film, which I caught at the theaters last Friday. To be honest, I think the heavily episodic nature of the series -- even within individual books -- lends itself more to a serialized format than a single feature. But that said, I think the folks behind the film did a bang up job capturing Adam's style and humour, despite the many cuts and additions one would expect to accompany the change in medium. It was a bit jumbled in places, and I think the final third would have been confusing to those who had not read the book beforehand, but I'm still quite pleased with how it turned out. I expected a total disaster and was pleasantly disappointed.

In other news, Nothing Nice to Say's Mitch Clem has joined me and the other nutcases at Dayfree Press. And that's a good thing! I love Nothing Nice almost as much as Mitch hates the Family Circus -- which is, in both cases, quite a lot.

Sam Logan

May 2, 2005

Why was there bacon in the soap

I am very impressed with the Invader Zim DVD Box. I'm not usually an obsessive enough collector to get this kind of stuff, but once I saw just how well this thing was made, I couldn't resist. Zim's house is recreated beautifully, and the box itself is incredibly solid. They even built a magnet into the door to give it a perfect closed seal.

It comes with a Gir figurine, and an extra bonus disk of Zim goodies. Finally, you can watch the uncut version of the Christmas episode. There are also a few audio tracks from the cartoons that weren't completed before the show was cancelled. It's a nice touch, if a little depressing. It's a damn shame that these episodes -- and so many more -- will never be completed.

Say... is anyone in Victoria looking to buy a single bed? I've got two that I'm looking to unload before I move next month. Email me if you are interested!

Sam Logan

Apr 29, 2005

Telephone Czar

I'm still taking suggestions regarding the Butcher shirt, but with the responses so divided, I'm starting to think that none of the options I've suggested so far are the way to go. Because Butcher has appeared in so few strips, I think it's hard to figure out what image is the most "definitive." I think I'll hold off on deciding for now. Besides, there is a Butcher storyline coming up in the not-to-distant future that might provide a better candidate.

But the "Can't Dance" t-shirt is still on the way. I'm also looking into other kinds of shirts besides the usual ts, babydolls and hoodies. Personally, I'm constantly wearing button-up collared overshirts, and I'd really like to make a slick black-and-white one with an image on the back and a small "Sam and Fuzzy" logo above the front pocket. I will look into it.

That's all for now. See you on Monday!

Sam Logan