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Tiny Miracles, Pt. 8

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Jun 1, 2005

It's all about me-OW!

Yes, that is a thinly veiled Garfield "shout out" in panel two. "Big ups" to my man Jim Davis. Poor Jim gets a lot of flack from webcomic personalities. But in Jim's defense, his comic is really terrible. Wait, that wasn't a very good defense. Now you know why I'm helpless on the stand without Casey.

The new apartment is finally starting to come together. It's a beautiful suite, but lately it's been looking more like a filthy, box-ridden accident scene. It's kind of like living in a warehouse, or an alleyway. Boy, that takes me back.

No, not really.

Sam Logan

May 30, 2005

I'm never gonna come down

The great move continues. Combined with planning my comic-con trip and working through a particularly busy time at YES Mag, it's made things pretty hectic around here over the last month or two. There are a number of things I've had to put off, like answering about two months of emails and completing two new shirt designs that I would really like to put up for sale. But of course, the comics are my first priority, and it's been tricky enough to keep up with them. (Thank goodness for my precious, slowly depleting buffer!) Hopefully, things will calm down soon, and I will have time to invest in the other aspects of this website again!

I woke up this morning to the worst song lyrics ever blarring through my radio. I was half expecting it to be some kind of parody, but Google informs me that it is a real Bryan Adams song called "Flying." I hope it didn't take him long to write.

Sam Logan

May 27, 2005

Smooth taste

No extended rantage for today, I'm afraid. Claire and I have been too busy discovering the joys of hauling heavy furniture up four flights of stairs. (A big thank-you to our friends Ashton and Cyrus for helping move all that stuff!) I will return with more thoughts on Monday. In the meantime, please enjoy the photo below, which my Dad took at a children's museum in Scotland:

Sam Logan