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X-Per-S Yourself, Pt. 11

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Jul 13, 2005

Maybe Next Year

Right now, ladies in trim uniform should be cradling sackets of roasted legumes for my sole consumption... but no, here I am typing on Sam's beastly keyboard, crushing each key with force to break through the progressive layers of carbonated resin. It resembles Dr Pepper, but suspended within are the souls of a thousand animal crackers and oreos. The resounding CRunCK of each key smashing flat is deliciously satisfying, but I think I have some pop shards stuck in my finger.

So, you guys are stuck with me for the next week while Sam and those other fancy guys party on at Comic-Con. They might be having a good time n' all, but we're a team.

Team Maybe Next Year!


Jul 11, 2005

Gimme Fiction

The convention sure did sneak up on me. It's hard to believe that I'll be hanging out in San Diego in only a couple of days. I haven't been stateside since the mid-ninties!

As the banner above exclaims, I've put together a little webpage with information about our convention location, and about the book I have made. You can view it right here!

The current storyline continues on Wednesday and ends on Friday. I'm not sure whether it will be Claire or myself handling the ranting chores for the next update... it depends on how early I have to leave for the airport! Either way, I'll see some of you at the con and speak to the rest when I get back. Wish me luck!

Sam Logan

Jul 8, 2005

Our conscience in the gutter, our dreams up in the sky

In case you are new or forgetful, the last time Fuzzy and Rikk met was during the Getting to Know You storyline. It wasn't actually all that long ago... but I've got this rant space and I've got hyperlinking power, so I might as well 'em!

I'll be heading off with Ashton to the San Diego Comic-con next Tuesday. However, the final three parts of the current storyline should air next week without incident. The comics will be drawn before I go, and Claire will be handling the updates until I get back. I am sure she will use this rant space to discuss kittens, robots, or possibly kitten robots.

For the following week, Rikk will be running the show. Unfortunately, the combination of moving, redesigning YES Mag and creating 8 pages of original comics for the Sam and Fuzzy book has resulted in the complete destruction of my once mighty comic buffer. Rikk's guest week should give me some time to get caught up again. I haven't actually seen what he's doing yet, but I'm sure whatever it is will be swell. He's a man you can trust.

Sam Logan