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Homecoming, Pt. 2

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Jul 27, 2005

The two sides of monsieur Valentine

While I was off adventuring in San Diego, Claire put together a pretty amazing little photo-essay about a TRUE LIFE Skull Panda adventure. Unfortunately, it was posted in this rant space on the very same day that the Penny Arcade link hit. Because it was such a hefty load of colour photos, we had to take it down to reduce bandwidth consumption.

But now, the story is back and ready to be viewed by all those who missed it before. I think you will all enjoy this, so be sure to click the image below and check it out!

In other news, are you reading Starshift Crisis? Because you should be reading Starshift Crisis. The reasons why will become self-evident once you are reading Starshift Crisis. Think about it!

Sam Logan

Jul 25, 2005

I turn my camera on

I'm back! I'd like to take a moment to thank Rikk for filling in last week while I played post-Comicon-catchup with my workload. I'd also like to extend my deepest apologies to all the artists that Rikk managed to either directly or indirectly insult during his time here: Jason Sigala, Claire Barry, John Allison, Welton Colbert, Litchfield, and Mitch Clem. I swear, he managed to find another cartoonist to attack for every day that he updated. Who knew something like that would happen?

Comic Con was an absolute blast. I met a bunch of my readers (I was not expecting so many of them to show up!) and hung out with some of the coolest artists I've ever met. I'll try to share as many of the trip's highlights as I can over the next couple of rants.

Rikk's guest week probably wasn't the most intelligible jumping-on point for the massive influx of Penny Arcade readers that followed Jerry's link here last Friday, but with this comic, what is? I hope some of you folks decided to stick around! The links caught me and the guys from White Ninja and Little Gamers by complete surprise. They probably shouldn't have... as far as I can tell, "Tycho" is just a really nice guy. I wish I had got to talk with him more than I did, but I could probably say that about all the cartoonists I met at the convention. It's just too short. Anyhow, thanks Jerry! HIGH TEA MOTHERF***ER!

Sam Logan

Jul 23, 2005

And so, I end my tenure at Sam and Fuzzy on a relatively light note. But in all seriousness... sometimes it is hard to resist the lure of the "Cuddley Snuggley Bunnies" and their conceptual kin. A man of my genius, my talent, my deep understanding of the pathetic human psyche... face it, a man like me could vomit up a phenomenally popular comic at the drop of a hat. The temptation is always there. But Rikk Estoban will not be swayed. I will keep producing real art, no matter how misunderstood and underappreciated it is. A gift or a curse? I'll find out when I'm dead.

And of course, even on my very last day here my strips continue to raise controversy. Mitch Clem would have you believe that I stole the idea for "Cuddley Snuggley Bunnies" from him. I can assure you that this was not the case. All I did was think of the most assinine, meaningless cartoon drivel imaginable. That such a concept would resemble the work of Mitch Clem is an unsurprising coincidence. Punk is dead, Mitchy! IT WAS ALWAYS DEAD.

And so, I must take my leave. I must say, I did almost sort of enjoy this experience. Perhaps I will have to set up a more permanent online home, so that I may continue to share my brilliance with you all. Until then, I would recommend that you don't read any other webcomics ever again.


Rikk Estoban