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Aug 3, 2005

I will eat your family

When you read my comics about Noosehead, you might get the impression that I have it in for metal music. That's not true at all! I like a lot of metal bands... although, the only recent metal band that I have any interest in is System of a Down, and I probably shouldn't call them a metal band unless I want a load of emails aiming to educate me about what "real" metal is. (I don't, really.)

So, last week I was busy registering and paying for next year's Comic-Con booth. You can expect to see the same Dayfree Press crew representing next year, and believe me, that is a good thing. I couldn't have asked for better booth mates! Kent and Scott, Pontus and Christian, Steven and Jeph, and friendly outsider Eric from Radioactive Panda... I'd never met any of these guys in person before, but we all had a great time together. I hope I get the chance to meet the other Dayfree members in person some day, too!

Sam Logan

Aug 1, 2005

Dropped off in a culture counter-clockwise turned around

If you're not from Canada you may not know this, but up here, today is one of my favourite holidays: "Everyone-wanted-an-arbitrary-day-off-in-August" day. Across the nation, we all take the day off to reflect on... I guess on what a gyp it was back when there were no national holidays between July 1st and Labour Day. I could definitely use some time to collapse into an exhausted pile, so I'm going to try to make the most of the day by not making the most of the day. Maybe I will sleep through the whole thing!

I've got plenty to do when I return. I still haven't addressed any of that growing virtual pile of email. I also need to figure out the best way to safely mail the remaining copies of the Sam and Fuzzy Comic-Con book, so that I can start taking orders for them online. I don't know if I have enough of these to satisfy the demand, but if not I'll try to get some more printed up.

Sam Logan

Jul 29, 2005

Once a year we celebrate with stupid hats and plastic plates

My own personal Can't Dance and Chompy t-shirts arrived today! It's tough living where I do, so far away from Neil... I'm usually the last person in North America to get my own merchandise. Anyhow, I'm really happy with how these turned out; particularly Can't Dance. I'll definitely have to bring it back sometime in the near future.

I know I promised to talk about all the different cartoonists I met at the con -- and I will -- but today I really want to talk about the Sam and Fuzzy readers I met! You have to understand: sharing the floor with so many webcomic bigwigs, I was pretty nervous. I figured I'd be lucky if I met five or six attendees who had heard of my work. I was not expecting a man dressed in an I'm Communism shirt to show up at my booth within the first five minutes of the convention. And each successive visitor still felt like just as much of a surprise. Until the con, I've never had the opportunity to meet more than a handful of my readers in person. It was weird, and it never really sunk in.

So thanks guys, for taking the time to come and visit me. Thanks to the crazy dudes who kept bringing us freshly baked goods every day, to the folks who dropped off their comics for me to read, to the forumers who I finally got to meet in person, and to everyone else who just stopped by and said hello. You were all very friendly, and none of you spat on me. You helped make my trip a surreal but incredibly enjoyable one. I will see you again next year!

Sam Logan