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Aug 8, 2005

Head on straight, mask on crooked

Have you seen the Wikipedia entry for Sam and Fuzzy lately? It seems to have ballooned in size since it went up back in April. I'm not really sure who has been updating it, but it's neat to see what other folks think are the most relevant elements of the comic. I think it's hillarious that an entire subsection is devoted to my massive lifelong rivalry with Jeph "Hitler" Jacques. I'm glad to see you guys take that mighty battle as seriously as I do.

The internet is such a strange place to publish. It's so incredibly easy to find what other people are writing about your work. I don't think artists have ever had such direct, unfiltered access to the opinions of their audience. I'm not sure whether or not that's a good thing, but it sure is fasinating to see all the same.

Sam Logan

Aug 5, 2005

I really love your tape but I hate your inventions

One of the coolest guys I met down in San Diego was Jason Sigala. Four out of five doctors agree that Jason is the leading cause of Niego. On Wednesday, Niego hit its 100th hillarity-filled strip. Sounds like an epidemic!

I also finally got to meet the infamous Ryan Estrada. He wasn't exactly how I had pictured him, but that's probably because I pictured him as the spitting image of his cartoon avatar: rubbery, spastic and constantly over-emoting. By comparisson, the real man is actually pretty laid back! But really, who wouldn't be?

The plain nicest artist I met at the convention was Girly's Josh Lesnick. I think the man excretes earnestness from his pores. I'd heard he was shy, but either that was just a rumour, or my calculated brand of abrasive friendliness frightened him out of it. Another one of the many cartoonists I wish I'd had more time to talk to. I guess there is always next year!

Sam Logan

Aug 3, 2005

I will eat your family

When you read my comics about Noosehead, you might get the impression that I have it in for metal music. That's not true at all! I like a lot of metal bands... although, the only recent metal band that I have any interest in is System of a Down, and I probably shouldn't call them a metal band unless I want a load of emails aiming to educate me about what "real" metal is. (I don't, really.)

So, last week I was busy registering and paying for next year's Comic-Con booth. You can expect to see the same Dayfree Press crew representing next year, and believe me, that is a good thing. I couldn't have asked for better booth mates! Kent and Scott, Pontus and Christian, Steven and Jeph, and friendly outsider Eric from Radioactive Panda... I'd never met any of these guys in person before, but we all had a great time together. I hope I get the chance to meet the other Dayfree members in person some day, too!

Sam Logan