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Aug 12, 2005

She's a cold, cold television set and she's my best friend

Today we have an extra long comic and an extra short rant. Everything is in balance!

For the benefit of any confused new readers: Until Fuzzy put a stop to it, Rikk was busy giving Candice creepy, annonymous presents. But Candice, for her part, seemed to like some of them just fine, perhaps because of her possible secret interest in spooky stuff. More as it develops!

Sam Logan

Aug 10, 2005

(all you do is) wreck my life

Deathray have finally released their softmore album. If you're at all familiar with the history of this band, you know we're lucky to get a second album at all, let alone one as good as this one. These guys could have been a household name if things had gone a little differently. Their debut disc was a powerpop powerhouse loaded with perfect single material, but unfortunately everything that could go wrong did go wrong.

As a result, the new album can only be purchased through the band's website. But please, check it out! It's not very expensive, and it's every bit as tight as the first CD was. Plus, they never charge a cent for shipping (even to Canada!) and they always seem to throw something extra in with the order. Honestly, I really can't say enough nice things about these guys. I just wish someone would give them another shot at the "big time."

In other news, Ryan Estrada is insane. Did you know?

Sam Logan

Aug 8, 2005

Head on straight, mask on crooked

Have you seen the Wikipedia entry for Sam and Fuzzy lately? It seems to have ballooned in size since it went up back in April. I'm not really sure who has been updating it, but it's neat to see what other folks think are the most relevant elements of the comic. I think it's hillarious that an entire subsection is devoted to my massive lifelong rivalry with Jeph "Hitler" Jacques. I'm glad to see you guys take that mighty battle as seriously as I do.

The internet is such a strange place to publish. It's so incredibly easy to find what other people are writing about your work. I don't think artists have ever had such direct, unfiltered access to the opinions of their audience. I'm not sure whether or not that's a good thing, but it sure is fasinating to see all the same.

Sam Logan