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Territorial, Pt. 8

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Aug 31, 2005


Shido and Evin -- two regs on the forum -- have been working on a surprisingly thorough set of digital Sam and Fuzzy Magic: The Gathering cards. I readily admit that I have only a passing familiarity with the original card game, so I have no idea how well these would actually work "in game." But I still enjoyed them, and I think you might too... although I will warn you that a few of them won't make sense if you don't frequent the forums regularly!

Shido and Evin are about as hardcore as Sam and Fuzzy fans come. I think Shido is the only person who has ever actually framed a Sam and Fuzzy print. I got to meet him in person this year through the miracle of Comic-con. I think we got along surprisingly well considering we disagree on just about every social and political issue either of us can think of!

Sam Logan

Aug 29, 2005

Mary, you shouldn't let them make you mad

What is this mysterious gang from Vidal Heights? I'll give you a hint: it's not the Cyborg Mafia.

Say, did anyone actually listen to me last Wednesday and buy Psychonauts? Because apparently, I can get free swag if you did. I think am sufficiently obsessed with this franchise to try and collect as many of its spin-off collectibles as I can. So, if you actually took my advice, please shoot me an email and let me know! Unless, of course, you don't want me to have a Psychonauts card deck. (You heartless monster.)

I'm happy to report that three new items will be available in the Sam and Fuzzy store in exactly one week. The remaining Comic-con books will be up for grabs, the Can't Dance shirts will be available once more, and a secret new shirt design based loosely on this comic strip will be up for preorder. It is a good time -- nay, a great time -- to be a consumer.

Sam Logan

Aug 26, 2005

Because I'm free, and nothin's worrying me

Our apartment is abuzz with the squeaks of fourteen tiny baby rats! The noise is a little annoying, but at least the little suckers are starting to look like actual rats. When they come out, they look more like tiny, squirming fetuses. Awwwwwwww!

Have a good weekend, everyone! Perhaps spend part of it checking out the new New Pornographers album. It's hard not to enjoy!

Sam Logan