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Sep 21, 2005

Lonely shooting star

No one wants to feel like their boss hates them. But take my word for it... sometimes, having a boss that likes you is much, much worse. Generally speaking, the kind of man who needs a "buddy" within his staff is the kind of man who wants to talk about himself; who wants to tell you that he is a business mastermind even though he's only pulling in two-bucks-an-hour more than you are.

Perhaps he will even try to tell you that his mother is the president of the World Bank, or that he is "on the run" from some kind of crime organization. I mean those two things specifically, not just as hypothetical examples. I am speaking from experience. Traumatizing, disturbing experience.

I am still waiting on my book-mailing pacakaging, but it should be here in the next day or two. I apologize for the slight delay in shipping the books... I promise this is being done only to ensure that they do not become inadvertantly mangled by a poorly-coordinated postal worker.

Sam Logan

Sep 19, 2005

Like life inside the ligament

On Friday, I was so distracted by Nintendo's new... uh... wiggly stick that I forgot to mention that Telltale Games have acquired the rights to Sam and Max. For those who don't already know, Telltale Games' staff is comprised largely of the folks who had been working on Sam and Max: Freelance Police before Lucasarts cancelled the game. Hopefully this means that we will get a worthy sequel to Hit the Road after all!

Sam Logan

Sep 16, 2005

You are the word, the word is 'destroy'

Longtime readers will recognize the voice of the emperor right away, but anyone who doesn't can find the answers in the Friday Night storyline.

Executive decisions have been made! After today, the No One Wants To See That shirt will be discontinued completely in all styles and colours. The Can't Dance shirt will remain available, but as a cardinal red t-shirt. If you are after an elephant t-shirt or any kind of hoodie or babydoll, today is the last chance you'll have for the forseeable future!

For those of you who ordered books, they will be mailing soon! Unfortunately, things have been delayed slightly because I am still waiting for my fancy bend-resistant book-mailing packaging to arrive in the mail. I couldn't find appropriately sturdy packaging anywhere in town so I had to mail order it. My new gear should be here sometime next week, and the books will be mailing out shortly thereafter!

And in closing... look at this crazy thing! I'll be damned... Nintendo's "revolution" managed to be something surprising and unheard of after all. Whether it's any good remains to be seen, but at least it was a surprise! There don't seem to be many of those in the industry these days.

Sam Logan