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Empire, Pt. 7

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Nov 14, 2005

A time before pin-stripped suits

Worry not, concerned parents! Your child will not stumble across Reichy the Rabbit in your local library or bookstore. The book was immediately banned when censors discovered potentially damaging content. Apparently, the chapter "Reichy Bathes in the Blood of his Enemies" features a completely exposed rabbit nipple.

If you like 2D platformers as much as I do, you might want to take a look at Pulseman. It's a mid-ninties Genesis/Megadrive game with a really interesting richochet mechanic and some slick (for the time) audio and visuals. In North America it was only ever available via the Sega Channel service, which probably explains why I never heard of it until recently. But it's a fun game, and a curious look at what the Game Freak studio was doing before the Pokemon franchise dominated their output.

Sam Logan

Nov 11, 2005


Yesterday night, I defeated my final colossus. You know a game is special when you actually feel bad about completing it. Each successive colossus is so impressive, so imaginative, so awe-inspiring creatively... even though there were plenty of them, I still can't help but be a little disappointed that there aren't any more left for me to find. Shadow of the Colossus is definitely one of the best video games I have ever played.

I think I'd better clear up something that has left at least a couple of folks a little confused. On the ordering page for any particular shirt in the shop -- for example, the I'm Communism page -- the little grey shirt icons are only meant to indicate the different styles of shirts. They are not meant to indicate the colour. I've changed the shop a bit to make the colour information more clear. Sorry for the confusion!

Sam Logan

Nov 9, 2005

Dad's from Mars and baby likes porno flicks

The books still seem to be popular, which as always is a big relief on my end. In case you are wondering... while I am planning to print extras so that I can keep selling them after the preorder campaign ends, sales will have to take a pause so that I can concentrate on packing and mailing the preordered books in time for the holidays. (This is a one-man operation, after all!) But if you can't pick one up before the 18th, you will have another chance sometime early next year!

Claire's got me watching Stargate: SG1. It would have happened earlier if giving it a try wasn't so intimidating. After all, if you find you enjoy it -- and I do, by the way -- you're basically committing yourself to watching hundreds of hours of television. Even excluding the spinoff series, there are nine seasons to this show. After a couple of months, I'm about halfway through season two. I have a feeling civilization will have collapsed long before I ever get caught up. But if that's true, I suppose I'll have more important things to worry about!

Sam Logan