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Empire, Pt. 13

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Nov 28, 2005

Ska cha cha

Sam has been waiting for someone to call him on his cellphone for a really, really long time.

Unless I have miscounted, this Wednesday will bring us the 500th standard Sam and Fuzzy strip ever to grace this website. Once upon a time, this milestone was intended to double as the final strip in the Empire storyline. But this was a good year or two ago, when I was still planting the very first seeds of this whole Ninja Mafia plotline. The closer I got to the big five-oh-oh, the more I doubted that I could wrap up the plot in time for it.

In the end, I decided to make my pacing decisions based on what I thought worked best for the story, rather than letting myself be guided by some arbitrary number. Wednesday's strip is a special one, but it's not this storyline's Grande Finale! I don't think anyone will mind too much. You'll still be seeing the end of Empire before you get to see the inside of any of your Christmas presents!

Sam Logan

Nov 25, 2005

Voxin' with the shinies

My Grandfather just turned 90-years-old. (Well done, Grandpa!) He recieved special congratulatory letters from the Premier, Prime Minister and even the Queen. I am almost one-hundred percent sure that the letter from the Queen was personally signed by a real-life office aide with a 100-percent-authentic signature hand stamp. That's pretty damned exciting. I hope I live to be 90. I don't want to miss out on that action!

I didn't say anything when one of my favourite webcomics, Checkerboard Nightmare, wrapped up a week or two ago. The last comic said it better than I ever could. (Whatever "it" was.) But I will say that you should check out his other project, Starslip Crisis! Right now it's in the middle of a story that's particularly entertaining to read if you are a Firefly fan with a sense of humour. Let's just say, I reckon it's a comic you really ought to!

Sam Logan

Nov 23, 2005

Treat the feet to the sweet milky seat

Look! Even my favourite navel gazers at Pitchfork almost kind of like the new System of a Down album. It's a pretty fair review, actually. I was very impressed! But anyhow, the important thing is... Hipsters! Cred-hoarders! Now you can purchase this CD with impunity.

Hey, does anyone want to hear my Pitchfork joke? I wrote it myself. Ok, here it goes. What comes on a CD and only gets a 9 out of 10 at Pitchfork? A bad Radiohead album! Hahahahaha!

I never get sick of that one!

Sam Logan