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Lies and Ties, Pt. 12

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Feb 2, 2007

Cagey Tigers

Next week: Where the hell he is.

Trying to get Sidney kicked out of the band was actually what Nicole was doing the very first time we saw her. Do you remember that one? It was a long time ago. I'm not sure the internet had even been invented yet.

Sam Logan

Jan 31, 2007

Into the red, I'm goin' out of my head

Wow, is it really the last day of January already? I haven't even gotten used to writing "2007" yet.

I think I need to get a piano back into my life. I haven't had one since I moved into this apartment and now I'm really feeling it. Mind you, I do have an electric keyboard. But it's not the same. You really can't kick the crap out of a keyboard like you can with a real piano. And that just does not mesh well with the way I play. (Loudly.) I need an instrument that can withstand an atomic bomb blast.

Somehow, I doubt my building manager feels the same way!

Sam Logan

Jan 29, 2007


My forumers have pointed me in the direction of a really cool webcomic... Lackadaisy! The mix of real-world history with animal characters reminds me more than a bit of Don Rosa's work, although the art and writing themselves are not especially similar to his. The visuals are incredibly lush and expressive, and feature the kind of strong posing that you tend to get more often from animators than comic artists. And the story -- a 1920s prohibition romp told with, uh, cats -- is equally enjoyable.

As many of you know, my BA is in American history, and I am basically a huge nerd for comics that manage to touch on the subject without losing their pure entertainment value. Lackadaisy is one of those comics. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

In other news, I have been really actually responding to my emails for three whole days now! Can I make it to four? CAN I?

Sam Logan