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Return of the King, Pt. 6

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Feb 16, 2007

The King is dead, long live the King

Hi gang! I'll keep this short because I'm still sick. (Unfortunately!)

Tune in on Monday for the start of our next storyline. This is one that I think long-time readers -- or newer ones who have read through the full comic archive -- are really going to enjoy. (But I promise everyone else will dig it too!)

I have a lot of fun stuff to say about the development of "Return of the King," but I'll save that for when I'm in better health. (Hopefully Monday!)

There were brackets in every one of those paragraphs! That's pretty impressive. (I think.)

Sam Logan

Feb 14, 2007


No newspost today, team. I'm afraid that I've come down with the flu! Hopefully it will have run its course by Friday. Yuck!

Sam Logan

Feb 12, 2007

Marginally inspired by a true story

I can't even begin to imagine how strange it would be to watch a biopic about yourself, let alone one made under the assumption that you had died. (I imagine that second part doesn't come up often in real life, though.)

San Diego Comic-con has announced the probable booth placement for the webcomics area of this summer's convention. Unfortunately, they did not have enough space to give Dayfree Press the booth we had wanted -- one which would have been double the size of the one we did get. However, at least we are right in the thick of things, webcomic-wise!

Sam Logan