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Tangent, Pt. 14

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Mar 21, 2007

Into dreams...

Is a NiGHTS sequel finally on the way? Probably!

But then, it's no big surprise. SEGA loves to squeeze every last penny out of their licenses, and Sonic Team always wanted to create a follow-up that would use a motion-sensitive controller. NiGHTS and the Wii are a match made in heaven... a partnership so inspiring, you almost forget that Sonic Team hasn't managed to scrape together a half-decent game in years.


Sam Logan

Mar 19, 2007

Alternate Mask Themes




Masquerade party guest?

Brain surgeon?

A person with their head stuck inside a medium-sized mason jar?

The Invisible Man? (From the neck up.)

Sam Logan

Mar 16, 2007


OK, so we all know that the head named Roger in Lost was just a coincidence. But what about this?

That weird looking scrambled website is part of an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) that was together in promotion of the new Nine Inch Nails CD. Trent's latest is a concept album... a story about a dystopian future where people are drugged into being docile and obedient. Websites like the one above were designed to appear as though they come from this dystopian future, and each one reveals different aspects of the story.

I always find these kind of online campaigns fascinating, but that's not actually why I'm bringing it up here. No, the reason I'm mentioning it is because someone emailed me to point out something on that one site that would be particularly interesting to Sam and Fuzzy readers.

The site is a phony police report about the fictional drug "Opal". But scroll down and have a look at the the drug's different names (listed to the right of the big bold "opal").

Crowbar? The drug is called Crowbar? Now that is a strange coincidence. Hah!

Sam Logan