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Tangent, Pt. 22

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Apr 9, 2007


Sakura-con is over, but I won't actually be back home until later today.

So for now, enjoy this pre-written automated update! I will report on the con in full on Wednesday. Woosh!

Sam Logan

Apr 6, 2007

Visit me this weekend at Sakura-con!

Today, tomorrow, and Sunday, I will be appearing at Sakura-con in the fine city of Seattle. I'll be stationed at a booth with my comrades from Questionable Content and Kitty-bot, where I'll be peddling my shirts, my books, and this swanky new poster:

Click here to see the full image

But our booth won't have the market cornered on internet nerdery. The brains behind Penny Arcade, Red vs. Blue, Snafu Comics,Staccato Comics, and (I think) Megatokyo will all be there as well. Plus I think there's some stuff about anime or something!

If you are going to be in Seattle this weekend, do swing by and say hello! As usual, I'll be giving out free sketches and, if requested, bowling tips.

Sam Logan

Apr 4, 2007


Well! It would appear that some of my cartooning comrades have promised a webcomics "Battle Royale" at Sakura-con this weekend. I will say only this: if this so-called battle takes the form of Meteos... I will be the last man standing. To me, the stylus is not just a piece of plastic. It is the physical manifestation of my pure will towards meteo blocks.

In other news, posters are a sure thing for the con. Here's the preview again, in case you missed it!

Click here to see the full image

Sam Logan