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Tangent, Pt. 23

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Apr 11, 2007

Sakura Con

I have returned from the wilds of Seattle! And my server has mostly recovered from the massive influx of readers sent my way on Monday from Penny Arcade and Questionable Content. In other words, it's back to business as usual around here.

Claire and I had a swell time at Sakura Con (even though Claire was sick for most of it). It was great to meet all my Seattle-based readers. We also got to meet Fred and Shawn, both of whom were really great guys and very down-to-earth (especially for webcomic artists). And as always, it was nice to see my longtime friends enemies from Questionable Content again. Unfortunately, Jerry was unexpectedly drawn away from the con before I got a chance to annihilate his chosen race of stick-figure people. It will have to wait until San Diego!

The folks running the con were really nice to us and treated us very well. Thanks for showing us a great time, team Sakura. It was a blast!

Sam Logan

Apr 9, 2007


Sakura-con is over, but I won't actually be back home until later today.

So for now, enjoy this pre-written automated update! I will report on the con in full on Wednesday. Woosh!

Sam Logan

Apr 6, 2007

Visit me this weekend at Sakura-con!

Today, tomorrow, and Sunday, I will be appearing at Sakura-con in the fine city of Seattle. I'll be stationed at a booth with my comrades from Questionable Content and Kitty-bot, where I'll be peddling my shirts, my books, and this swanky new poster:

Click here to see the full image

But our booth won't have the market cornered on internet nerdery. The brains behind Penny Arcade, Red vs. Blue, Snafu Comics,Staccato Comics, and (I think) Megatokyo will all be there as well. Plus I think there's some stuff about anime or something!

If you are going to be in Seattle this weekend, do swing by and say hello! As usual, I'll be giving out free sketches and, if requested, bowling tips.

Sam Logan