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Memory Lapse, Pt. 9

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May 18, 2007

I believe in Harvey Dent

Is this a sign that the next Batman film will be borrowing from The Long Halloween? If you read the book, you'll understand why I'm suspicious... and at the same time, you'll also get to enjoy one of the best Batman comics ever. Bonus!

In other news, check out this newly discovered footage from a proposed mid-ninties Sonic the Hedgehog game that would have aped the look and feel of the then-airing Saturday morning cartoon. Can you believe it? Someone was already trying to make a terrible Sonic game all those years ago! They were definitely ahead of their time.

Sam Logan

May 16, 2007

Sand scenes

Those of you still puzzling over the mess that was Spider-man 3 might be want to see this neat forum thread about all the scenes that are known to have been cut from the film. The pictures and the descriptions in there are all pretty interesting!

Most of these scenes look to be development and backstory for Sandman, although there's a bit about Eddie Brock as well. Of course, it's not unusual to see scenes cut from an action film to keep the pace up, but still, it makes you wonder... would a longer Spider-man 3 have been a better film? Or would it just have been an even bigger mess? Either way, it's kind of neat to see bits and pieces of what might have been.

Sam Logan

May 14, 2007


See? Posters are back on sale, just like I promised. I am not a man of lies! (Today.)

I will take pre-orders on these suckers for two weeks, then print 'em up and mail 'em out. This way I can make sure I have enough for everyone! It's like living in a utopia. That is exactly what it is like.

Sam Logan