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Memory Lapse, Pt. 23

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Jun 20, 2007


Holy smokes! Amon Tobin is going to be in town this weekend. I love for Mr. Tobin's music profusely, but do I love it enough to actually set foot in a dance club for the first time in about ten thousand years (Pacific Standard Time)? I imagine I'd look pretty odd standing nearly stationary in a room full of dancers, wobbling slightly to the beat of the music.

Sam Logan

Jun 18, 2007

She loves your electric dumplings

Holy cow! The Traveling Wilburys albums are finally back on sale. I tried to pick up my own copies of these CDs years ago and was amazed to find out they were no longer available. It's hard to believe that a pair of records featuring some of the greatest rock musicians of all time could stay out of print for so long!

A note for any of you who have pre-ordered one of the second batch of posters... it's taken a bit longer than I had anticipated, but the prints have finally arrived and are being mailed out as we speak! Thanks for your patience, gang. I promise they were worth the wait!

Sam Logan

Jun 15, 2007

Sick sick sick, don't resist

Sorry for the slightly-late comic, everybody! I appear to have caught a cold -- a tragically easy thing to do when exhibiting at a comic convention -- and am not running at peak efficiency. I predict I will be spending my day in bed buried under a pile of kleenex and decongestant... and not in the fun burned-out 1970s rock star way.

Sam Logan