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Living in Sin, Pt. 2

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Aug 15, 2007


The world of comics lost a great creator this week. Mike Wieringo was my favourite artist working in American superhero comics today. His online sketchblog has been a part of my daily online routine for ages. I wish I'd had the chance to meet him in person... by all accounts, he sounds like a really amazing guy.

Tomorrow I head out for Anime Evolution. I'll be there all weekend, and I'll be loaded with drawings, books, and shirts. Stop by and say hello if you can!

Sam Logan

Aug 13, 2007

Anime Evolution

Later this week, Claire and l will be shipping ourselves across the water to appear at Anime Evolution. Like last year I am a "featured guest," which means I'll be doing a panel or two in addition to hocking my wares in the artist's alley.

Anime Evo has a pretty interesting selection of guests this year! (Myself excluded, of course.) From the world of webcomics, you've got me and Claire, Scott from VG Cats and David from Snafu Comics. You've also got a couple of j-pop bands, a ton of professional voice actors, and even one of the writers from the Stargate shows.

But perhaps most sureally, Anime Evolution just announced that this year they are bringing in none other that Uwe Boll. (Yes, that Uwe Boll.) I am still acclimatizing myself to the idea that I might be spending part of my next weekend eating dinner with the director of House of the Dead.

Anyhow, if you are going to be in the area, do come by and say hello! I will be armed heavily with books and shirts, and tossing out free sketches like there was no tomorrow.

Sam Logan

Aug 10, 2007

Find it in Commercial Appeal

I will keep this brief, since today's comic took a little extra time to finish up. (Hopefully it shows!) A new storyline begins on Monday. Charge up your anticipameter.

Sam Logan

PS: To whom it may concern: only 25 copies of the chaotic Comic-con limited print remain.