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Therapy, Pt. 6

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Sep 14, 2007

These are the fables

The weekend arrives at last! (Almost!)

Tune in on Monday, not only for the next comic in this arc, but also for a secret bonus guest strip from a secret bonus guest artist! (Secret! Bonus!)

Sam Logan

Sep 12, 2007

Quick, to the shame-mobile

Man, I'd buy an issue of that comic in a heartbeat.

A brand new, freshly-upgraded, feature-rich message board is on schedule to replace our current one on Friday. Sound exciting? It is! But what can I say? Here at Sam and Fuzzy we are all about creating exciting new venues for internet users to complain and act entitled.

Our story continues on Friday. See you then!

Sam Logan

Sep 10, 2007

Back seat circles

For the record, Dr. Crab's techniques should in no way be taken as my personal commentary on the psychiatric profession. If you want to hear a cartoon character criticize psychiatry then you will have to talk to Tom Cruise.

ZING! See what I just did there? I must be ready for my back-up career in asinine celebrity blogging.

In other news, the Spoon concert was tremendous. It certainly brought attention to what a diverse and uniformly awesome catalog of songs they have to draw from these days. In any event, now I can finally recommend their live show as vigorously as I do their albums. Any unused opportunity to experience either is an opportunity thoroughly wasted!

Sam Logan