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Last Call, Pt. 6

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Nov 23, 2007


I love American thanksgiving. On Thursday you give thanks for everything you have, and then on Friday you rush out and buy everything you don't!

Black Friday: the official launch of the Christmas busying season... the 24 hour period when more money is exchanged for commercial goods in America than on any other day of the year! There really isn't anything like it in Canada, although we do close the Christmas season with a comprable spend-crazy sale-a-thon on Boxing Day.

Also: bagged milk, two dollar coins, moose, igloos, no electricity. Canada!

Speaking of spending, just a reminder that November 30th is the last day we offer guaranteed pre-Christmas shipping of anything in our store to anywhere in the world. It's also probably the last day to order t-shirt 3-packs. It's also... the last day of November. But it's the first day of... the rest of your life, Johnny.

Sam Logan

Nov 21, 2007

The milkman

Psychonauts -- one of my favourite video games of all time -- is now free to play at Gametap from now until December 31st. Hopefully this promotion will help Tim Schafer's criminally-underplayed piece of artistic genius reach the kind of audience it has always deserved! It's hilarious, it's beautiful, and it's free (to North Americans, at least). How can you go wrong?

The Christmas season is quickly approaching! My distributor informs me that all orders for Sam and Fuzzy swag placed before November 30th are guaranteed to arrive before the holidays, but anything after that is a bit of a gamble. Plan your purchases accordingly!

Sam Logan

Nov 19, 2007


Sad but true... only one issue of Y: The Last Man remains. Still, that just makes now a better time than any to pick up the series -- you'll be able to plow straight through from beginning to end without any of the painful two month waits after each issue's killer cliff-hanger ending!

Obligatory t-shirt 3-pack reminder! If you order 3 shirts before November 30th, you will save $7! ($12 for international orders!) You will also make the cover of TIME and ascend to a higher plane of existence. Possibly. Why risk it?

Sam Logan