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Last Call, Pt. 12

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Dec 7, 2007


Whew! It's been quite an epic week. Between the massive pile of drawings that Claire and I are doing for the next issue of YES Mag and the hours of fun I've had running around town borrowing other people's non-broken internet connections, it's been a bit of a marathon.

I was thinking of making today the last day for t-shirt 3-packs, but I think I might let them stick around for one more week. I have to admit, this is probably just as much because I am too exhausted to recode the store as because of anything else. But what the heck! It may be too late to buy a 3-pack that can be used as a Christmas gift, but it's never too late to buy one that can be used as a late Christmas gift.

There, I've just rationalized it! NOW IT IS LAW.

Sam Logan

Dec 5, 2007

Last day!

Yes, today is the last day to order shirts, books, and art that is guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas at any location in the US. Act fast, American holiday shoppers. Act indifferently, everyone else!

Sam Logan

Dec 3, 2007

Lance and Alexa

Newer readers who have only read volume four of Sam and Fuzzy might not be familiar with Lance and Alexa. But if you'd like to be, I think the six-part Whatever Happened to Sam and Fuzzy storyline serves as a brief-but-solid introduction to them both.

American readers have until December 5th to order shirts, books and art with guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery. But even after that, we will keep doing our very best to get all our orders mailed out as fast as humanly possible.

Sam Logan