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Last Call, Pt. 20

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Jan 2, 2008

Definitely not

This is why you should always leave first aid training to the experts, and not to webcartoonists.

Welcome to 2008! For those of you just returning to your computers after the chaos of the holidays, be sure you haven't missed Monday's installment of the Last Call storyline, or the "very special" Skull Panda's Christmas Carol epic that ran the week prior. They're better than a kick in the face, I promise!

Sam Logan

Dec 31, 2007

The final countdown

We're back! Today's installment of the Last Call storyline picks up right where we left off ten days ago.

In other news, happy New Years Eve! Remember, don't do anything tonight that you'll have to resolve never to do again tomorrow.

Sam Logan

Dec 28, 2007

Skull Panda's Christmas Carol

Thus concludes Rikk's epic Skull Panda holiday saga. I hope you all enjoyed it!

Sam and Fuzzy returns on Monday, with the continuation of the "Last Call" storyline. See you then!