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Guest: Jeph Jacques

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Feb 14, 2008

Today's strip by Questionable Content's Jeph Jacques

Well, now we all know what Jeph has been thinking about! Remember, folks, guest strips are not in continuity. Except for this one.

Today's comic, brought to you by my infamous comicing arch-nemesis, continues our longstanding tradition of completely desecrating each other's characters. If you ever visit us at a convention, you are almost guaranteed to see some severe Fuzzy/Pintsize violence. (Heck, violence if you're lucky!)

Another guest strip arrives tomorrow! See you then.

Sam Logan

Feb 13, 2008

Today's strip by Scarygoround's John Allison

Today's comic features the uber-talented John Allison doing his best Rikk Estoban impression. Or was that the uber-talented Rikk Estoban doing his best John Allison impression? I can't remember. All I know is the illustrious Jeroboam of Maple Syrup should have long since been mine by now. I was robbed... robbed!

Another guest strip appears tomorrow, on Thursday, Thursday, Thursday! Don't miss it.

Sam Logan

Feb 12, 2008

Today's strip by Cigarro and Cerveja's Tony Esteves

For those who don't know, Tim Horton's Timbits are a veritable Canadian institution. And so, for that matter, is Tony, the man who brought you this slice of national pride. Cigarro and Cerjeva is one of the first webcomics I ever discovered, and even today is still one of my favourites.

Tune in tomorrow for another artist's unique dose of Canadian Content. I hope these guys are getting a grant for this.

Sam Logan