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Regime Change, Pt. 6

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Mar 7, 2008


Did you see the costumes for the upcoming Watchmen movie adaption? I'm still pretty antsy about the film -- it's hard to feel good about it's prospects when Alan Moore himself doesn't, and as much as I loved Zack Synder's 300 adaption, it was about as far away from the tone of Watchemen as humanly possible. The original comic was a seminal work, and I think we all would rather see it left alone than made into a film that didn't live up to the book's legacy.

Still, it's pretty hard to argue with those Comedian and Rorschach mock-ups, isn't it? No matter what happens with the rest of the project, at least we can say that they got two things completely, utterly right.

Have a nice weekend, everyone... even if it is one hour shorter than usual!

Sam Logan

Mar 5, 2008

Fall asleep against the window pane

Two additional years of comic-making experience has taught me that "ordinary" is much funnier than "normal". I'm also pretty sure that Parcheesi is funnier than Snakes and Ladders or Monopoly. These are the kind of insights that have earned me the life of excessive wealth and fame I enjoy today! (If by "wealth" you mean "positive attitude" and by "fame" you mean "socks".)

Our storyline continues on Friday. Things are afoot! And feet are a thing. Well, things. I forget where I was going with this. See you in two days!

Sam Logan

Mar 3, 2008


If you happen to be in possession of a Wii and a friend -- and I'm pretty sure both can be acquired on ebay -- you really can't go wrong with Trauma Center: New Blood. It's hard to convey in words just how much fun 2-person co-op surgery is... that is, as long as it's a virtual body that you're horribly mis-stitching and filling full of laser holes.

Just be warned that, like all the Trauma Center titles, New Blood stars as a good time and ends as an outrageously brutal, white-knuckled marathon of abuse. I imagine I will really appreciate having that second player to help me when I'm fighting against the purple alien heart spiders (or whatever other bizarro sci-fi ailment Atlus came up with this time). I'm not 100 percent on this, but by the final stages these games may actually be more difficult than real surgery.

Sam Logan

PS: No, not really. Hyperbole, man!