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Revenge of Fuzzy-Brand™, Pt. 2

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Feb 26, 2003

I really just don't have anything to say...

Too tired, perhaps!

Sam Logan

Feb 24, 2003

Take two of these...

If you haven't already, you will want to read the Fuzzy-Brand™ storyline. Otherwise, you may have a hard time following the current plot, which will be spanning the next three weeks!

Well, I have survived my wisdom teeth removal with minimal discomfort. Thanks to all the readers who sent me supportive emails... they really cheered me up while I was spending my weekend housebound.

The other thing that cheered me up this weekend was the first episode of season two of Invader Zim. It seems the six new episodes are finally being shown... in Brazil, of all places. No one has managed to rip the other five episodes, though, so most Zim fans may will probably still have to wait until they air in the United States. Still, one episode is better than none!

Cheers, kids!

*pops another painkiller*

Sam Logan

Feb 21, 2003


Hopefully no one will mind if I update a little early tonight!

Sadly, tomorrow morning I will be getting four unwanted hunks of bone yanked from my skull. I will probably be spending most of my weekend hopped up on pain killers... which honestly might not be so bad! I imagine I will have regained consciousness in time for Monday's update, but my online presence up until that point may be a little iffy.

Have a good weekend, y'all!

Sam Logan