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Stockholm Syndrome, Pt. 7

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Apr 28, 2008

Conscience Cat says something about cowbells

As promised, our Conscience Cat and Cowbell Advisory t-shirts and babydoll ts are now on sale. I hope you all like them, because I worked on them for a truly embarrassing amount of time -- you have no idea how many different drawings of cowbells I went through, and you are a better person for it!

Until May 12th, these new designs -- or any other Sam and Fuzzy t-shirts -- are also available in a special discount custom 3-pack. Load up a pack with any three shirts of your choosing to save $7. (Or $12, for all you international buyers out there.)

Sam Logan

Apr 25, 2008

100 percent efficiency

Don't blame Sid for his poor understanding of biology. Damn it, Jim... he's a musician, not a doctor!

Our story continues on Monday. Also arriving next week: two new shirt designs. One spreads the wisdom of Conscience Cat, while the other warns of the dangers of cowbells. In other words... serious business!

Sam Logan

Apr 23, 2008

On an island

Sid has been away a long time! Just think of all the things he's probably never heard of. High School Musical, Zack and Cody, Hannah Montana... basically the whole Disney Channel preteen food group! (Which I now realize I can apparently list by name entirely off the top of my head. How disturbing!)

Sam Logan

PS: Happy belated anniversary to Girly, an excellent long-running webcomic that is currently operating at peak hilarity.