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Stockholm Syndrome, Pt. 9

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May 2, 2008

I am Iron Man

I am really excited about seeing Iron Man this weekend -- by which I mean the film, not the actual Iron Man. (He was busy.) This is one of those comic franchises I thought would never work as a film, but everything about the trailers -- from Robert Downey Junior's note-perfect Tony Stark to the incredibly faithful-looking robot suit -- seems to prove me wrong. It reminds me a bit of how I felt when I first saw the movie version of Doc Ock... here's hoping Iron Man turns out to be another Spider-man 2, and not another Ghost Rider.

Preorders for Conscience Cat and Cowbell Advisory shirts continue! And don't forget... until May 12th, you can save a few bucks by nabbing them in a custom t-shirt three-pack.

Sam Logan

Apr 30, 2008

We can be happy underground

Here is today's comic! Sorry it arrived an hour or so later than usual. Technical difficulties were experienced here at Sam and Fuzzy HQ, and I am not talking about their fabulous resumes.

Here is something interesting that one of our forum-goers recently discovered: Sam and Fuzzy, manga edition! Ok, ok, I kid. In all honesty, Undertown is not much like my work at all... it just has a handful of entirely superficial similarities, all of which help make the synopsis of Sama and his bear friend's relatively serious adventures unintentionally hilarious to Sam and Fuzzy readers. But I bet the same will be true for any Undertown readers who stumble across my comic!

Sam Logan

Apr 28, 2008

Conscience Cat says something about cowbells

As promised, our Conscience Cat and Cowbell Advisory t-shirts and babydoll ts are now on sale. I hope you all like them, because I worked on them for a truly embarrassing amount of time -- you have no idea how many different drawings of cowbells I went through, and you are a better person for it!

Until May 12th, these new designs -- or any other Sam and Fuzzy t-shirts -- are also available in a special discount custom 3-pack. Load up a pack with any three shirts of your choosing to save $7. (Or $12, for all you international buyers out there.)

Sam Logan