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Absolute Power, Pt. 21

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Jul 18, 2008

High resolution graphics

So, just how authentic to the NES originals is this heavily retro-themed Megaman 9? Authentic enough to get some deliberately horrific promo art, modeled -- with extreme care -- after the series' infamous early American box art.

Now listen. I know people today whip out the phrase "LOL" a little too easily. But let me tell you... when I saw that Megaman 9 art, I LOL'd. I LOL'd right off my ROFL all the way to... to the LMAO. Or whatever.

RLBMOA! I just made that one up right now.

Thank you for all the kind words about this latest Sam and Fuzzy story arc. It took a long time to build up to these latest strips, and it's very gratifying to hear from folks who are enjoying them.

Sam Logan

Jul 16, 2008


It's e3 this week! And while it's not the insatiable mega-show that it once was, you can still count on it for at least a handful of baffling gaming-related announcements.

Case in point: Sonic the hedgehog now has 100 percent more bizarre, stretchy-arm werewolf. Now, I try to keep an open mind about most things, but that right there is a head-scratcher. Or maybe I'm just ill-educated! Are werewolves known for their elasticity? Are rubber arms a longstanding part of the lycanthrope mythos of which I'm just embarrassingly ignorant?

I am not an expert.

Sam Logan

Jul 14, 2008


I've been listening to a lot of Katamari music lately. The bizarrely catchy soundtracks to the first two PS2 games have been a playlist staple of mine for years now, but it was only this past weekend that I finally remember to get caught up on the tunes from the PSP and 360 titles. Verdict? They're not quite as strong as the originals... but there's still some good stuff on there. Once this song gets in your head, it's really hard to get it back out again.

Just a reminder to all those concerned... I will not be at this year's extremely imminent San Diego Comic-con. But fear not, Californians! It's looking like I'll almost certainly be hitting up the Alternative Press Expo this fall instead.

Sam Logan