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Black and White, Pt. 9

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Aug 15, 2008


Next week: the climactic final chapter of a story 2 1/2 years in the making begins! Yes, the arc that will (possibly) change everything you know about Sam and Fuzzy (sort of) kicks off in only 72 short hours. Who lives? Who dies? What are they wearing? Find out in our shocking, epic conclusion!

And don't hog all the excitement to yourself, long-time readers. Spread the word to all your non-reading friends... there has never been a more confusing or less comprehensible time to start reading Sam and Fuzzy!

Sam Logan

Aug 13, 2008

Glorious extra-colour

Dr McNinja: now in colour! Normally I'm wary of anything with too broad a spectrum... but the artistic trio of Chris, Kent and Carly is a proven unstoppable visual force. You have nothing to worry about. You were not worried anyhow, but had you been worried, it would have been for nothing. That is what I am saying.

Just a reminder... in only nine short days, I will be visiting the "far-off" land of Vancouver for this year's Anime Evolution. AE has once again been kind enough to invite me over as a guest, and I'll be bringing along plenty of books, shirts and artwork to peddle at my table in the artist's alley. I'll also be taking commissions from anyone interested in something wholesome and tentacle-free.

Sam Logan

Aug 11, 2008

Wistful Memories


In other news, my good friend and favourite karaoke singer Kris Straub has just launched a brand new webcomic called F Chords! You may already be familiar with Kris' work on Starslip Crisis, Chainsaw Suit, and various other webcomics projects great and small. But if not, F Chords is as good an introduction as any to his particular brand of words and pictures.

Sam Logan