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Showdown, Pt. 9

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Sep 5, 2008


Today's comic touches on Sid and Nic's pre- and post-relationship woes, which were a major narrative staple of the first year of Volume 4. If you have yet to dip that far back into the archive, now is as good a time as any! But to make a long story short, back in the day, Sid's intolerance of Nicole's new boyfriends was kind of legendary.

Thank you everyone who wrote in with birthday wishes! (Consisting primarily, I think, of people who were reminded by Facebook!) Yes, I am now 26 freakin' years old, believe it or not. (I certainly don't!)

Sam Logan

Sep 3, 2008

Con download

PAX 2008 was a blast from start to finish, and I'm glad I was finally able to finally make the trip down this year. Some personal highlights:

• The exhibition hall was absolutely packed, with tons of cool games to check out. I particularly enjoyed the indie PC title Strange Attractors 2, despite being incredibly terrible at it. And between De Blob, Mushroom Men, and The Conduit, it looks like the Wii is finally getting some more decent 3rd party support... and all of it based (amazingly) on entirely original IP, to boot!

• I think I might have spent an entire year's wages on Sam and Max swag at the Telltale booth. Whoops!

• The concerts were probably my favourite part of the entire show. I particularly enjoyed Jonathan Coulton's acoustic comedy bonanza (complete with surprise mid-set duet) and the The One Ups' jazz/funk reinterpretation of gaming classics. And man, you haven't really experienced MC Frontalot until you've seen him rip backed by his live band. Yow!

• Speaking of MC Frontalot, I got to speak with him briefly at his booth after the show. It turns out he once spent an entire day folding my shirts. That's right... that T you ordered last Christmas may well have been touched by The Front himself. Think of the added ebay value!

And of course, it's always nice to say hi to Jerry, who remains unwaveringly friendly even when on the verge of passing out. From top to bottom, everyone who works at PAX really runs themselves ragged to make the best show possible, and it really shows. I've been to a lot of cons, but never one that had quite the atmosphere that this one does. These guys have really got a good thing going, and after pulling it off five years in a row, they appear to know how to not screw it up.

A+ would attend again!

Sam Logan

Sep 1, 2008

Snap crackle pop

My body is back from PAX, but I'm pretty sure my brain is still somewhere back at the hotel in Seattle. So, let's leave the full con report for Wednesday, and save today for the consumption of precious, mind-refueling canadian Rice Krispies.

(American Rice Krispies have a marginally yet unnervingly different flavour that messes with my breakfast zen!)

Sam Logan