Ashton and Claire keep the readers updated on Sam's appendix woes:

Hey guys!

Ashton here (I do all the behind the scenes stuff at SnF). Unfortunately Sam's had to go to the hospital. It looks like the poor guy has appendicitis, so be sure to send him get well soon emails. The new comic will be up when he gets back.

Hey everyone!

Claire here! (Alteka for the forum-goers). I just visited Sam at the hospital..and man, the health care system is in a sorry state. The poor guy had to sit the 'emergency room' (irony, I tell you..haha) for over 7 hours, only to be accepted into yet another waiting room. Perhaps the hospital is just one big row of waiting rooms, since we never saw anyone leave. Apparently small children toting single broken fingers take priority over appendicitis... just like how those damn kids always win american's funniest home videos for tripping on random crap. Anyways, Sam endured all this comic-inspiring crazyness, and when I left (4am) he was just being put to sleep for tests tomorrow. They're pretty sure it's his appendix that's malfunctioned...

Sam is totally not a robot of any sort. Nope, never., in keeping with SnF tradition here is an amusing link! Apparently to celebrate highest unemployment rate in 30 years, the Congress gives itself a pay raise. Whee! Anyhoooo, vote for SnF or else Sam's appendix will kill him. Really! It's popup free, and takes a sec. If you fear vote buttons with a passion, send him some happy get-better e-mails instead! I'll keep you guys updated!

- Claire

Ashton here again! Sam had surgery at about 6am this morning and they yanked that little sucker out of his abdomen. He's allowed visitors after 3pm today (family only, so I'll be heading in as "Ashton Logan", Sam's evil twin brother). "We'll keep you updated as this story develops" =P.

Yarrr! Sam should be released this morning some time, so you little vultures will have your comic update soon enough ;). If you haven't already, vote for him on TWC or his appendix with break free from it's formaldehyde jar and devour the population! Oh, send him some e-mail too ;)